Monday, 26 January 2015

The Soundtrack of Our Lives - Exclusive and previously un-seen Paul Slattery Photos Part 1: Slussens Pensionat

The Soundtrack of Our Lives at Slussens Pensionat by Paul Slattery
Ebbot Lundberg, the ex-Soundtrack of Our Lives front-man, has just announced a Scandinavian tour with his new backing band The Indigo Children to promote his forthcoming solo album. The tour kicks off in Gothenburg on March 26th and takes in various cities including Stockholm, Malmo, Bergen and Oslo. For a full list of dates and further information please check out this link.

Ebbot Lundberg by Paul Slattery
To celebrate this news I thought I'd publish some of Paul Slattery's excellent photographs from our Blog reports on the last two nights at Slussens Pensionat in Orust back in 2012. These photos didn't make the features but I think you'll agree they are just too good to be stuck away unseen in the Blog's basement. To see the original features please click here for Part 1 and here for Part 2.

Fredrik and Ian work out the set list backstage - Photo Paul Slattery

Martin Hederos by Paul Slattery
Kalle Gustafsson Jerneholm by Paul Slattery
Ian Person by Paul Slattery
Fredrik Sandsten by Paul Slattery
Mattias Bärjed by Paul Slattery
Ebbot Lundberg by Paul Slattery
The Soundtrack of Our Lives by Paul Slattery
Ebbot amongst the crowd by Paul Slattery
With thanks to Paul Slattery, Hans Selander, Robert and Vibeke and all at Slussens Pensionat. Don't forget our special Retrosonic Podcast episodes with Ian Person and Mattias Bärjed which are available to download for free at our Soundcloud site. We also have a Soundtrack of Our Lives Fan's Facebook group which you can join here to share photos, videos, memorabilia and stories.

All photos are strictly copyright Paul Slattery and may not be copied or shared without permission.

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