Tuesday, 3 February 2015

The Len Price 3 + "Pubmonkey" Movie Screening at The Railway Hotel Southend on February 27th.

Our favourite music venue, The Railway Hotel in Southend-on-Sea, will be hosting a very special event on Friday February 27th when they will screen the excellent black-comedy crime and booze-fest "Pubmonkey", followed by a live set by The Len Price 3. We first reported that The Len Price 3 were going to feature in the movie Pubmonkey back on the Blog here in November 2012, and after two and half years of filming, recording, editing and a lot of bloody hard work from Director Jean-Claude Deguara, Writer Jamie O'Hara and their team, which mostly consisted of an impressive number of family and friends, we finally got to see the completed film when we attended a private screening of the first ever showing of the movie at the British Film Institute on the South Bank along with the crew, cast and their families. It might have been a long wait, but it was certainly worth it, the film is a resounding success and testament to all those involved. I spoke to lead actor Phil Deguara after the screening and said how impressed I was that an Independent movie could look so impressive, "It's not really an Independent film" Phil said "as most Independents have some sort of financial backing and we didn't". The Len Price 3 provide lots of great songs along with incidental music to the film's soundtrack and also make an appearance too as featured in this video.

You can hear more about the fascinating story behind the making of the movie and The Len Price 3's involvement in our special Retrosonic Pubmonkey Podcast with the movie's writer/actor Jamie O'Hara and the LP3's singer and songwriter, Glenn Page. We are also very pleased to announce that the Podcast features unreleased incidental music from the movie's soundtrack. The promo video to "Swing Like a Monkey" above also features footage and characters from Pubmonkey and was performed during the last day of filming at the Antelope in Tooting, South London. You can listen to the Podcast below or download for free at our Soundcloud site or iTunes.

Check out the Pubmonkey Facebook page for regular updates, here's a trailer to give you a taster...

To book tickets please check the The Railway Hotel web-site or give them a call on 01702 343 194

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