Thursday, 4 January 2018

Retro Man Blog's 2017 - The Best of The Rest...

Retro Man Blog's Top 10 Singles/EPs of 2017...
01. Les Lullies "Don't Look Twice"
02. Side Effects "Feels Like Walking on Sunshine"
03. The Jackets "Be Myself"
05. Duncan Reid & The Big Heads "Bombs Away"
06. Travis Pike "Feelin' Good"
07. French Boutik & Olivier Popincourt "The Place I Love"/"Tonight at Noon"
08. Derrick Anderson feat. Kim Shattuck, Debbi & Vicki Peterson "When I Was Your Man"
09: Jetstream Pony "Like You Less"/"Had Enough"
10. Arvidson & Butterflies "Blank Season"

Retro Man Blog's Best New Albums Part 2 (11-20), Best Reissue, Box Set & Compilation
11. The Fallen Leaves "What We've All Been Waiting For"
12. Ian Person "Exit Highway of Light"
13. Wire "Silver/Lead"
14. Cyanide Pills "Sliced & Diced"
15. The Darts "The Darts"
16. Billy Childish & CTMF "Brand New Cage"
17. Stag "Midtown Sizzler"
18. The Baron Four "Silvaticus"
19.  Joel Gion "Joel Gion"
20. Sparks "Hippopotamus"

Best Reissue
Kaleidoscope "Tangerine Dream" 

Best Compilation
Stupidity "10 Years of Stupidity"

Best Box-Set
The Jam "1977"

Please click on the highlighted links above to buy the featured records or to check out further information on each band. Most of the artists above have been featured in various episodes of our Retrosonic Podcast. You can subscribe to the archive on iTunes or check out Soundcloud here.

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