Sunday, 8 November 2020

Retrosonic Podcast Lockdown Lowdown Episode 7 with Damian O'Neill

Photo by Rosa O'Neill

As we once again return to an unwelcome period of lockdown it's time to invite another very special guest into the Retrosonic Podcast 'virtual studio'. So, for Episode 7 of our Lockdown Lowdown series I am delighted to welcome Damian O'Neill, guitarist with The Undertones, That Petrol Emotion, The Everlasting Yeah and (as Damian confesses) "guitar gunslinger for hire"! I wanted to find out more information about his recent collaboration with the excellent New York based Power Pop band Baby Shakes and their brand new single "Sweet 'n' Sour", a stomping version of a track from Damian's own solo album "Refit Revise Reprise". Damian and his Undertones colleague, drummer Billy Doherty produce and play on the single which also features a cover of the Undertones "Really Really". We talk about his involvement with Dimple Discs Records, the label he runs with good friend Brian O'Neill who have released "Sweet & Sour" as a stunning 7" single on coloured vinyl. We also discuss and play a track from another excellent Dimple Discs release from Eileen Gogan & The Instructions album "Under Moving Skies" and catch up with news on Damian's latest projects including new music from 5 Billion in Diamonds. Finally, we get a long-awaited update on what's been happening with The Everlasting Yeah. You can download/listen to the episode directly from the Retrosonic Podcast Soundcloud site below or subscribe for free at Spotify, iTunes, Apple Podcasts and Mixcloud.


Retrosonic Theme by Adam Donovan

Eileen Gogan & The Instructions "Echo"

Baby Shakes "Really Really"

The Undertones "Billy's Third"

Incidental music: The Everlasting Yeah "Hoodlum Angels"

Incidental music: Damian O'Neill & The Monotones "Mundanian Dream"

5 Billion in Diamonds "Weight of The World" featuring Ebbot Lundberg

Baby Shakes "Sweet 'n' Sour"

Useful Links - (please click on the highlighted links below to investigate further)

Baby Shakes 

Dimple Discs Records

Damian O'Neill & The Monotones 

The Undertones

The Everlasting Yeah

 5 Billion in Diamonds

Eileen Gogan & The Instructions 

Retrosonic Podcast special "From The Undertones to The Monotones" (with Damian O'Neill)

(with Damian, Raymond Gorman & Ciaran McLaughlin)

Baby Shakes interview at WriteWyatt Blog

Here's the great new video of "Sweet 'n' Sour" by Baby Shakes - enjoy!


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