Friday, 19 November 2021

Retrosonic Podcast Special Episode "Presenting The Fabulous Courettes"

Photo by Steven Tagg-Randall

Welcome to the brand new Retrosonic Podcast "Presenting The Fabulous Courettes". In this comprehensive and highly entertaining episode, I talk to Flavia and Martin of The Courettes as they reflect on their hugely successful seventeen date U.K. tour and the amazing reaction to their latest album "Back In Mono". In part one, backstage at The Lexington, we cover the pressures of dealing with the lockdown, livestreams, the story behind their own Starr Sounds studio, the influence of a fifteen year old singer in Japan and why the album was mixed in Tokyo and the hunt for that elusive wall of sound. In part two I catch up with the couple just after their return home to Denmark and we reflect on the U.K. tour and dealing with COVID restrictions and Brexit. We discuss their favourite shows and crowds, the people who helped them along the way, working with Damaged Goods Records, their stunning artwork and design and imaginative, humorous (and sometimes bizarre...) merchandise, their songwriting process and how personal tragedy has informed the emotional depth of "Back In Mono" and finally, there's the Courettes' Rock 'n' Roll High School! If all that wasn't enough...the episode is generously sound-tracked by wonderful songs from "Back In Mono" and a personal selection of some key tracks in The Courettes career. So, pour yourself a drink, flick the switch to mono, sit back and enjoy the fabulous Courettes!

Please check out the feature at Retro Man Blog here for a full report on the Lexington show, backstage interview, review of "Back In Mono" and exclusive photographs.

Podcast Track-listing

R.I.N.G.O. from "Back In Mono" & 7" Single

Twinkle Heart by Soleil from "Soleil In Stereo"

Hop The Twig from "Back In Mono" & 7" Single

Trash Can Honey from "Back In Mono"

Want You! Like a Cigarette from "Back In Mono" & 7" Single

Edge of My Nerves from "Back In Mono"

Night Time (The Boy of Mine) from "Back In Mono"

I've Been Walking from "Here Are The Courettes!"

I Wanna Be Your Yoko Ono "Here Are The Courettes!"

The Boy I Love "Here Are The Courettes!"

I Can Hardly Wait from "Back In Mono"

Too Late To Say I'm Sorry from "Back In Mono"

Hey Boy from "Back In Mono"

Misfits & Freaks from "Back In Mono" & Forthcoming 7" Single

With sincere thanks to Flavia and Martin Couri. Podcover Photo by Steven Tagg-Randall, the Archivist of London. For full video of The Courettes at The Lexington please check out the Archivist of London YouTube channel here. For more information on The Courettes please check out their official web-site here. Records and merchandise can also be bought on-line at their official Bandcamp site here. Please also visit Damaged Goods Records for their wonderful Courettes releases and news on the new single. Retrosonic Podcast is on Soundcloud, Spotify, Mixcloud, Amazon Music and Apple Podcasts/iTunes. Subscribe now at your favourite platform so you don't miss an episode!

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