Thursday, 30 December 2021

Retro Man Blog & Retrosonic Podcast's Albums of 2021

Well, 2021 has been another great year for new music despite the obvious and ongoing hardships of the pandemic as is evident in the four superb Retrosonic Podcast new release specials that we've put out this year. Listed below are twenty of our favourite albums of 2021, so please do click on the highlighted links to investigate these fantastic bands and records further. You can hear tracks from most of the featured albums in Retrosonic Podcasts Episode 42 "The After-Party After The Party From Hell", Episode 43 "Kiss Me I'm Vaccinated", Episode 44 "Sonic Love" and Episode 45 "Waking Up The Band". I hope you find something you like from this wonderful selection!
1. The Courettes "Back In Mono" (Damaged Goods)
2. The Limiñanas & Laurent Garnier "De Pelicula"
3. The Stranglers "Dark Matters"
4. The Bug Club "Pure Particles"
5. Gatuplan "Kampen Går Vidare!"
6. The Coral "Coral Island"
7. Groovy Uncle "Searching For The Grown-Ups"
8. The Limiñanas "The World We Knew"
9. Les Envahisseurs "Monkey Monk"
10. Sounds Incarcerated "Unswitchable Hits Vol. 1"
11. Viagra Boys "Welfare Jazz"
12. Stompin' Riffraffs "Burning"
13. Subway Sect "Moments Like These"
14. The Flaming Sideburns "Silver Flames"
15. Cult Figures "Deritend"
16. Seeds of 77 "Lockdown Breakout" (Sounds of The Suburbs)
17. Jarvis Cocker "Chansons d'Ennui"
18. Paul Weller "Fat Pop Vol. 1"
19. The Shadracks "From Human Like Forms" (Damaged Goods)
20. Civic "Future Forecast"
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