Tuesday, 10 January 2023

The Beatpack "All Good Things (Turn To Dust)" - New Album Review by Ms Sheringham-Boom

The Beatpack "All Good Things (Turn To Dust)" - Spinout Nuggets 

Finally, the second long-player from rhythm and beat legends The Beatpack has landed (thanks to Spinout Nuggets) . It’s been quite a wait (a decade or three) and I’m certain you’ll already be familiar with their sporadic 7” releases over the years. You may have even been to one of their formidable live shows. So you’ll need no convincing from me about how bloody fantastic this new offering is, I guarantee you will not be disappointed. The Beatpack take us on a journey that looks purposefully into a filter of ‘60s soundscapes. Each track whirls and winds it’s way though known territory, but that’s why we’re all here right? ‘All Good Things’ kicks off with the buzzsaw riff of ‘Black Sea Tobacco Pose’, this coupled with Dellar’s minimal yet meaningful descriptives, and the addition of breaks*, builds the anticipation to the max. Cool, very cool. Now frug along to the insanely groovy tracks like ‘Greek St 2am’ and ‘Footsteps, Echo’. Hear the sublime R'n'B/Psych-Rock of ‘Endless Halls Of Her Reflection’, and ‘Thru The Iron Gate’, both giving echoes of peak Yardbirds. Violin bow, anyone? Likewise, closing track ‘All Good Things (Turn To Dust)’ is a fitting end to this showcase. The 12 tracks, recorded at the prestigious all-analogue Gizzard Studios in London, captures their live voracity. Dellar and the boys bestow their undying love, fierceness, confidence, and pure joy to this LP. It’s a modernist masterpiece, and my personal favourite LP of 2022. Available now via the band's Bandcamp page, the trusty Spinout Nuggets shop, and all good records stores! 

*is the moment of silence - or "openness" - following the buildup and before the Drop (thanks Wikipedia!) - Ms Sheringham-Boom, January 2023

You can hear a track from this excellent album in Retrosonic Podcast episode 50 - subscribe for free at Spotify, iTunes, Apple Podcasts or direct from Soundcloud below. 

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