Monday 13 February 2023

Ian Person "The Furies" - New Single & Video from Former Soundtrack of Our Lives Guitarist

Ian Person, the TV and Movie soundtrack composer and former guitarist with The Soundtrack of Our Lives and Union Carbide Productions, has just released "The Furies", a new brooding, atmospheric single and video that I'm sure will appeal to fans of his previous bands. Featuring vocals from Calla Axvi, drums by Markku Mulari, Bass by Teodor Boogh and organ by Oskar Lindberg, this is the first single from the forthcoming album "Autoimmune" which will be released on March 31st by Gamlestans Grammofonbolag Records. The album was recorded by Division of Laura Lee frontman Per Stalberg and mixed by Torsten Larsson. Ian has also recently been signed up by the Walk On Agency, and will be heading off on tour in Sweden to promote the new album and single, so please check out his official Facebook page here for further details. Ian's also just started an official YouTube channel here, and as a taster, here's the great video to "The Furies".

Ian is also currently in the superb Punk band Pablo Matisse which are well worth checking out. Don't forget our thoroughly entertaining Retrosonic Podcast "Lockdown Lowdown" episode with Ian is still available to listen/stream/download for free if you subscribe on Spotify, iTunes, Apple Podcasts, Amazon Music or direct from our Soundcloud site below. It features music from throughout Ian's own career as well as a pick of his favourite songs and influences from bands such as The Stranglers, The Who, The Damned, Ebba Gron, Black Flag and Creedence Clearwater Revival among others.

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