Sunday 2 April 2023

Retrosonic Podcast with Dennis Lyxzén - The (International) Noise Conspiracy and Refused frontman discusses his latest project Fake Names and more...

In this latest special episode of Retrosonic Podcast we welcome one of our favourite vocalists and frontmen Dennis Lyxzén, to discuss his latest project Fake Names - a collaboration with some well known names from the Washington D.C. Hardcore Punk scene, Brian Baker (Minor Threat, Bad Religion, Dag Nasty), Michael Hampton (Embrace, S.O.A.), Johnny Temple (Girls Against Boys) and Brendan Canty (Fugazi, Rites of Spring) and their stunning new album "Expendables" which is out now on Epitaph Records. Dennis explains how he ended up in a band with some of his musical heroes, their impressive heritage and how he first discovered American Hardcore Punk. He also touches on the songwriting process, the influence of The Ruts and what to expect during their forthcoming American tour and we pick some choice cuts from "Expendables" and the Fake Names self-titled debut album. We also cover more of his many and varied current projects including the atmospheric Post-Punk of INVSN and the forthcoming Punk Rock outfit Vännäs Kasino, both featuring his former International Noise Conspiracy colleague Sara Almgren and then there's the free-form Jazz of Backengrillen which features members of Refused and the virtuoso Jazz Saxophonist Matts GustafssonAlthough this episode focuses mostly on his new projects, I couldn't pass on the opportunity to cover his time in The (International) Noise Conspiracy and Dennis talks about touring with The Hives at the height of the "Swedish Invasion" and we also cover what his other former bandmates in INC, Inge Johansson (Gatuplan) and Ludwig Dahlberg (Indochine) are up to these days. For our many readers/listeners who are into The Soundtrack of Our Lives, Dennis tells us how he first met guitarist Mattias Barjed and of working at the venue when Union Carbide Productions played his hometown of Umea in Northern Sweden. So please subscribe to Retrosonic Podcast at Spotify, iTunes, Amazon Music, Apple Podcasts or direct from our SoundCloud site below to enjoy this thoroughly entertaining show in the company of Dennis Lyxzén.

We also cover Dennis' brilliant new YouTube channel "Dennis Deep Cuts" in which he trawls through his impressive record and book collection to cover various topics such as his favourite foreign language releases, Gothic Rock, his most expensive records, Australian music, 80's Hardcore, the best debut albums, Swedish Punk and much more besides - check out a sample show below and make sure you subscribe to the channel to keep up to date with the latest episodes.

For many more Swedish music related Retrosonic Podcasts including episodes with Inge Johansson, Spiders, Mattias Hellberg, The Movements and Soundtrack of Our Lives band members Ebbot Lundberg, Ian Person, Fredrik Sandsten and Mattias Barjed, please check out our archives at all major Podcast providers and hit subscribe. Enjoy!

Fake Names "Targets"
Fake Names "Delete Myself"
The Lost Patrol Band "Feels Like Drowning"
The Ruts "You're Just A..."
Bad Brains "Pay To Cum"
Minor Threat "Small Man Big Mouth"
Fake Names "Don't Blame Yourself"
Fake Names "Being Them"
Fake Names "This Is Nothing"
The (International) Noise Conspiracy "Black Mask"
The (International) Noise Conspiracy "Communist Moon"
INVSN "Slow Disco"
The (International) Noise Conspiracy "Bigger Cages, Longer Chains"

Refused in London, 2019 - photo by Retro Man Blog

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