Monday 23 October 2023

Retrosonic Podcast with Duncan Reid - "And It's Goodbye From Him..." Former Bassist and Vocalist with The Boys and (now) The Big Heads on his decision to call time on his musical career

Following our feature on Duncan Reid & The Big Heads final bittersweet show at The Lexington, I thought I'd invite Duncan into the Retrosonic Podcast virtual studio to get the lowdown on the shock decision to hang up his purple Duncanbacker bass for the very last time. The announcement came just as he released his fifth and arguably best album to date "And It's Goodbye From Him..." calling time on a musical career that started off in 1976 with spells in The Matinee Idols and The Hollywood Killers before a move to London at the very start of the U.K. Punk explosion in 1977 to join the melodic Punk Pop legends The Boys. In this episode, Duncan picks five songs from the new LP that cover the reasons behind his decision and we take a look back at each of the rest of his albums with The Big Heads, discussing some of his favourite hidden gems and overlooked tracks along the way. He also praises his Big Heads bandmates who contributed to making them one of the most visually exciting live acts of recent years. You can subscribe to Retrosonic Podcast at Spotify, Apple Podcasts, iTunes, Amazon Music or download/stream direct from our SoundCloud site below.

Episode Tracklisting

Bill Gates (Finland Is a Myth) from "And It's Goodbye From Him..."

They're Dreaming About Me from "Little Big Head" (2019 reissue bonus track)

Would I Lie To You from "And It's Goodbye From Him..."

Just As Good As I Used To Be from "The Difficult Second Album" 

It Rains On The Good from "And It's Goodbye From Him..."

Confetti from "Bombs Away"

Gilded Cage from "And It's Goodbye From Him..."

Don't Blame Yourself from "Don't Blame Yourself"

Real Good Time from "And It's Goodbye From Him..."

To Live Or Live Or Live Not from "Don't Blame Yourself"

Our previous Retrosonic Podcast with Duncan, Episode 5 in the "Lockdown Lowdown" series, is still available in our archive and is a thoroughly entertaining romp through Duncan's life from his earliest childhood musical memories to his first exposure to Rock & Roll, the first record he bought and the first gig he went to. Along the way he picks some of his favourite singles and albums along with the Artists and gigs that had an impact and influence on him over the years. 

For more info on Duncan Reid & The Big Heads back catalogue and merchandise, please check out his official web-site here. You can see our feature with photos and videos from the final show at the Lexington in the Retro Man Blog archive here. Podcover photo of Duncan with Sophie and Karen of The Big Heads copyright Retro Man Blog. Retrosonic Podcast has a valid PRS licence. Here's a superb (but sad) reminder on what we will be missing from now on... All the best to Duncan and his Big Heads on whatever comes next.

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