Monday, 26 December 2011

Sean Bonniwell of The Music Machine R.I.P. December 2011

Sean Bonniwell at Islington Academy November 2004 - Photo by Steve Worrall
Some sad news interrupted the Xmas festivities, Sean Bonniwell of the sixties classic Garage Psych band The Music Machine died aged 71 on December 24th. The band's debut album "(Turn On) The Music Machine" included such classics as "Talk Talk" and "The People In Me" and one of my all time favourite Sixties songs "Trouble". The second album was released under the name The Bonniwell Music Machine and included an equally strong set of songs such as "Double Yellow Line", "Absolutely Positively" and "The Eagle Never Hunts The Fly". In recent years Sean had re-formed the band with a talented bunch of young musicians and toured Europe, he was enjoying a big outpouring of critical acclaim and respect from a generation who were re-discovering the band's inventive and catchy sounds. Sean had written his autobiography "Beyond The Garage" and was continuing to record music which was made available through his own web-site. I saw them play at The Islington Academy in 2004 and Sean and the band were on fine form as they ran through all their classic songs to a delighted audience. We met Sean after the show and he was charming and friendly, happy to chat to fans enjoying the rare chance to meet a true Garage Rock icon.  Here are The Music Machine in all their Sixties glory with "Talk Talk".

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  1. Sad news indeed, The Music Machine were an excellent band! R.I.P