Wednesday 19 July 2023

Retrosonic Podcast Episode 52 "It's Clappin' Time" with The Courettes, Sensation Seekers, Jack Cades, Vannas Kasino, Jim Jones All Stars, Ian Person, The Priscillas, The Masonics and much more...

Cover Star: Elsa of The Jack Cades. Photo by Jeff Pitcher
Welcome to Episode 52 of Retrosonic Podcast, a Brexit-busting selection of 22 superb new International releases from as far afield as America, Denmark, Scotland, Sweden, Canada, England, France and Japan - strictly minimum chat and maximum Rock 'n' Roll! Please support the bands, musicians and artists by clicking on the highlighted links in the tracklisting below for further information and details on how to buy the music featured in this show. So pour yourself a drink, crank up the volume, sit back and be prepared to be blown away! Subscribe for free at Spotify, iTunes, Amazon Music, Apple Podcasts or listen/download direct from our SoundCloud site below.

Tracklisting & Links

The Sensation Seekers "It's Clappin' Time"

Ian Kay "Love Wasn't Built In A Year"

The Jack Cades "Chasing You"

Jim Jones All Stars "I Want You (Anyway I Can)"

The Jukeez "Too Late"

Vännäs Kasino "Savage" 

Gatuplan "Kidsen Från Provinsen"

Per Svensson Psychedelic Sounds "Born To Go"

Ian Person "Waltz of Love & War"

Stupidity "Fortune Teller"

Råttanson "My Head Is A Troubled Region"

The Priscillas "Angela"

The Routes "No Good"

French Boutik "Devant Moi"

Popincourt "Love On The Barricades"

Chris Casey "A Bit Better"

The Courettes "Night Time (The Boy of Mine)"

The Jackal IV "Live It"

The Voo-Dooms "Don't Drag Me Down"

The Sleazoids "VHS Death"

The Masonics "Somebody Stole The Heat From My Fire"

The Guy Hamper Trio "All The Poisons In The Mud"

Featured Record Labels

Spinout Nuggets

Damaged Goods


Static Wax

Clouds Hill


Discos Antifaz

Sound Pollution

 Sounds of The Suburbs Record Store, Ruislip

Thanks to all featured bands and record labels. This episode's cover star is Elsa from The Jack Cades, photo by Jeff Pitcher, please check out more of Jeff's excellent photos here. Please subscribe to Retrosonic Podcast at SoundCloud, iTunes/Apple Podcasts or Spotify - all for free - so you don't miss an episode.


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