Friday, 28 July 2023

Retrosonic Podcast with Music Photographer Paul Slattery - Part 2 with Link Wray, The Yardbirds, The Byrds, Stevie Wonder, The Grateful Dead, The Others, Tim Staffell and Paul Stewart

In part 2 of our chat with legendary music photographer Paul Slattery we cover what it was like growing up in West London in the mid-60's during the heyday of the British Beat and R'n'B scenes of Twickenham, Richmond and Ealing. We talk about the Eel Pie Island museum, the much-missed local venues and of seeing a young Stevie Wonder in concert in nearby Sudbury in 1966. There's the impact of his schoolmates The Others and their one and only single released by Fontana "Oh Yeah!" and he updates us on their reunion shows and current musical projects. Paul pays tribute to Jeff Beck and David Crosby and discusses the first stirrings of Psychedelia. Then we get to hear about how he got to know and photograph his musical hero Link Wray and finally, he discusses the use of his photos in the impressive new Grammy award winning box-set from the Grateful Dead. You can subscribe to Retrosonic Podcast for free at Spotify, Amazon Music, iTunes, Apple Podcasts or direct from our SoundCloud site below:


The Yardbirds "Shapes of Things" 

Paul's original 1966 US copy of "Shapes of Things"

The Byrds "Eight Miles High"

The Others "Oh Yeah!"

 "The Others, Geoff Coxon, Paul Stewart and Tim Staffell playing at the Crawdaddy Club, Richmond  March 2022." Click here for Paul's report and feature on The Others reunion shows.

Tim Staffell & Paul Stewart "Wrong Place Wrong Time"

Stevie Wonder "Uptight"

"Stevie Wonder playing a few songs during our photo session at his Hotel Room in London 1991"

"My original 1965 US copy of "Uptight" thumbprinted by Stevie at the same photo session. he just sang the song right there in front of me there and then and I was transported back to '65".

Link Wray "Rumble"

Link Wray "Beans & Fatback/I'm So Glad"

"The great Link Wray, Soho, London, Spring of 1979."

The Grateful Dead "Cream Puff War"

"My photo of Bob Weir of The Grateful Dead in the booklet accompanying the Grammy award winning CD box set "In and Out of the Garden" with amazing surrealistic artwork by Dave Van Patten."

For more information on Tim Staffell please check out his web-site here. Tim and Paul Stewart also have a Facebook page here. You can also listen/download Part 1 of our special episode with Paul where he talks about his work with Penetration, Sharpers, Subhumans, Joy Division, Empire, The Smiths and Kas Product.

Thanks to Paul, all photos copyright Paul Slattery.

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