Sunday, 15 April 2012

Retrosonic Podcast Episode 2 - "All of My Heroes, They Die Rockers..."

Retrosonic Podcast Episode 2 is now up on Soundcloud. Steve from the Retro Man Blog and Adam from The Jetsonics are joined in the Pod by the legendary Rock Photographer Paul Slattery (The Clash, The Smiths, Oasis and The Len Price 3..!). In this Episode we have an exclusive track from the upcoming new album (and maybe their last..?!) from The Soundtrack of Our Lives along with a brand new song by The Monochrome Set. Other tracks include sultry Soul from Marsha Hunt and Stormy, Garage Rock icon Graham Day with The Solarflares, a Punk Rock classic from The Mekons and 60's Psychedelia from The Del-Vetts. There's also the usual chat, news and "Sid James style guffaws", oh yeah and more music too...!

You can play from the Artwork above or visit The Retrosonic Podcast Soundcloud Page HERE. You can also still catch up with Episode 1 along with it's "Bonus Track" interview with Paul Slattery where he discusses the impact of seeing and photographing early Dr. Feelgood, Mick Green and The Pirates and The Flamin' Groovies. You can also still access the original Pilot Episode and download all Episodes as MP3 Files so you can carry around with you on your iPod (other portable devices are also available!).

We hope you enjoy the Podcasts, please have a listen and drop us a line with any comments, we'd love to hear your opinions on the music!


  1. You make me want to do the same thing...
    I was a part of making local radio back in my 20's. It's fun making and fun hearing. And a great new track from TSOOL!
    Good luck with the next show.
    Trond Gaasland

  2. Thanks Trond! Glad you enjoyed the show. Yes, why not have a go...Keep us informed if you do! Cheers, Steve