Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Review: The Jetsonics live at The Grey Horse, Kingston on Thames

The Jetsonics - Photo by Paul Slattery
It was good to see my Retrosonic Podcast colleague, Adam Donovan, back at his day-job as bassist of The Jetsonics. I'd missed their last gig in Croydon but heard that it went down a storm, so was looking forward to seeing the band live again to catch their much-vaunted new "look" and have a listen to some of their well received new songs. The Grey Horse is a good unpretentious hot and sticky pub venue and the band always get a good crowd here.

Photo by Paul Slattery
Tonight is probably the best time I've seen the band, they were on top form from start to finish. Soundwise they seem to have toughened up, the guitars seem more gritty and Adam's bass growls menacingly, it suits them...as do their suits...! They are now sporting natty black suits with white shirts and black ties...although in the heat of the venue how Adam manages to keep his jacket on throughout the whole set I don't quite know. The unified look seems to have given them added confidence too, singer Sam Day left behind his good guy "everyone join in" persona and really gave one of his best peformances. He's a tall, charismatic frontman and this new found hint of menace was very effective. His voice, too was much improved, live it can occasionally crack under the strain but tonight was faultless.

Photo by Paul Slattery

The chemistry between him and Bassist Adam was also more effective, highlighted when at one point, mid guitar solo, Sam lent over and planted a smacker on the top of Adam's head, yes Sam is that tall...! The much anticipated new songs went down really well, with particular highlights being "Night Of The She Wolves" and the excellent "Chelsea Drugstore", which must be in the running as the A-Side of the next E.P. Drummer Dave Lombardi, again shows his superb grasp of reggae drumming on the crowd favourite "Somewhere Else" which has been compared favourably to The Ruts. So, another great Jetsonics gig, and they will soon be off to the studio to record E.P. number 3, judging by tonight's new songs, it's going to be a cracker! You can catch the band at the two up-coming Retro Man promoted gigs at The Half Moon in Putney - on May 04th  with The Len Price 3 and The Past Tense and then on June 30th  with The Members and Monica & The Explosion.

Sam Day of The Jetsonics - Photo by Paul Slattery

Thanks to Paul Slattery for contributing The Jetsonics photographs.

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