Monday, 29 February 2016

The Charity Case "How To Fall" - Another Great "Long-Lost" Album To Be Released on Trash Wax Records

Following our recent feature on The Shockwaves album which was hidden in the vaults for almost thirty years until it was rescued and released by the excellent Trash Wax Records - the label is at it again with another top notch re-issue. Again they have plundered the 1980's underground Garage Rock scene to bring us "How To Fall" by The Charity Case a band formed from the ashes of the heavily-quiffed Klub Foot regulars The Sting-Rays with the addition of the alluring vocalist She Rocola who, according to the Melody Maker in 1988, was the "heart wrenching combination of a singer that sounds like Deborah Harry while looking like Juliette Greco". This collection of long-lost tracks is a real treasure trove of delights that might at first be a surprise to those who were used to The Sting-Rays ultra frenetic mix of Psychobilly and Garage Rock mayhem. On some tracks such as "Victory Gin" there is a slightly off-kilter and occasionally unsettling battle going on between the shards of angular guitar riffing and some quite remarkable drumming that teeters on the edge of control. She's voice can be at once all glacial and Nico-like on "Thank God You're Gone" but then completely thaw out on the warm and soulful "Goodbye To All That", one of the album's highlights for me. A jangling, almost Paisley Underground guitar drives both "Don't Worry" and the superb "How To Fall" along at a fair speed and both are reminiscent of the tuneful and criminally underrated Medway band The Dentists. "Positively Negative" is a great timeless Garage Rocker that sounds as fresh today as it must have done when it was first recorded. I think the joyfully upbeat and catchy "Only Lovers Alive" features She's best vocal performance on the album, she really seems to let loose on this and it would have made a classic 7" single release that's for sure.

You can get more information and order the album from Trash Wax Records on-line store here. We'll certainly be keeping an eye on what other interesting rarities the label is considering next!

She Rocola went on to form Minxus, The Tropics Duo and She Rocola Six, whose album "Six Of The Best" is available to buy at their official Bandcamp site here. Thanks to She and Trash Wax.

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  1. Ltd edition vinyl of only 350 copies folks so get yours before they sell out, cos when they're gone, they're gone!

    There will probably be a ltd edition cd version later in the year but nothing confirmed yet although the artwork will differ & maybe the lovely Alec will find a track that didn't make the lp..... hopefully