Tuesday, 4 August 2020

Retrosonic Podcast Lockdown Lowdown Episode 6 with Ian Person of The Soundtrack of Our Lives, Union Carbide Productions & Pablo Matisse

Photo courtesy Ian Person
In Episode 6 of our special Lockdown Lowdown series we welcome Ian Person into the virtual Retrosonic Podcast studio. We take an entertaining and in-depth journey through Ian's musical life - not only as a guitarist, singer, songwriter and composer but as an enthusiastic music fan. We go back to Ian's earliest musical memories - from the very first record he bought, the first gig he went to and the first band he formed. He discusses his favourite albums, 7" singles and the influences on his guitar playing. There's also some of his own memorable shows and tales of touring with Robert Plant and Oasis and working with Denise Johnson, who we found out had sadly passed away just a few days before we did the interview. Along the way there's some great music from The Who, Black Flag, Creedence Clearwater Revival, The Damned, Minor Threat, The Stranglers, Oasis, Ebba Grön and Led Zeppelin to illustrate Ian's stories and choices. We also take a comprehensive look at Ian's own music from being a part of two of Sweden's most influential and important bands - the wild, untamed Union Carbide Productions and Psych Rock legends The Soundtrack of Our Lives. We take in his time with P-Funk innovators Stonefunkers and on collaborations with his ex-TSOOL colleagues Fredrik Sandsten and Kalle Gustafsson Jerneholm on such projects as legendary Swedish singer Jerry Williams comeback album to his movie and TV soundtrack work such as Box 21 and The Eternal Road. Then there's new music from his current band Pablo Matisse and we also feature a pick of his own solo music including the superb score to the documentary on his favourite football team IFK Göteborg and his Diamonds In The Rough album. Finally we end the episode with an exclusive unreleased song from his forthcoming solo album, a duet with Swedish singer Alice B.

Full Tracklisting
The Stranglers "The Raven"
Ebba Grön "Hang Gud"
Black Flag "Rise Above"
The Who "Baba O'Riley"
Union Carbide Productions "Golden Age"
Union Carbide Productions "Coda"
Stonefunkers "Mardi Gras Stomp"
The Soundtrack of Our Lives "Instant Repeater '99"
Ian Person "Valencia Theme"
Ian Person & Kalle Gustafsson Jerneholm "Theme from The Eternal Road"
Ian Person "Box 21"
Ian Person "Diamonds In The Rough"
Pablo Matisse "Is There Anybody Out There?"
Jerry Williams "Ghostrider"
Oasis "Champagne Supernova"
Led Zeppelin "Good Times Bad Times"
The Soundtrack of Our Lives "Mind The Gap"
Creedence Clearwater Revival "Fortunate Son"
The Damned "Love Song"
Minor Threat "Betray"
Ian Person & Alice B "Forever and a Day

Ian Person photographed by Paul Slattery
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Retrosonic Podcast has a valid PRS certificate. Podcover photo courtesy of Ian Person. Check out our previous Lockdown Lowdown episodes with Duncan Reid of The Boys, Leigh Heggarty of Ruts DC, Raymond Gorman of That Petrol Emotion/The Everlasting Yeah, Buddy Ascott of The Chords/The Fallen Leaves and Mike & Elsa from The Jack Cades. Retrosonic intro music by Adam Donovan.

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