Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Crash 74: Glam Garage Beat from founder members of Sparks & Revillos: Live at the 12 Bar Club London May 31st

One of the founder members of Sparks, Harley Feinstein and ex-Revillos drummer Nicky "Rocky Rhythm" Forbes, have got a Glam Garage Beat band together called Crash 74, for what appears to be couple of London shows including an appearance at London's premier sleazy Rock'n'Roll venue, the 12 Bar Club, on Friday May 31st. I'm not sure exactly how permanent this line-up, or indeed the band itself will be, so don't miss the opportunity to go along and see some real Rock pedigree in action!

We hope to be meeting up with Nicky soon for a Retrosonic Podcast special edition where he will be discussing his superb, no holds barred music memoir, "The Rhythm Method" (Sex, Drums and Rock'n'Roll), which is available from Amazon or from the Revillos site. We will also touch on some of the Bands and Artists that Nicky has been involved with, such as Dave Vanian's Phantom Chords, The Revillos, The Pork Dukes, Joe Strummer, Glen Matlock and Tenpole Tudor.

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